Thanks to Google Images I've found out that my picture "Two Feet of Water" is being used in a WordPress e-commerce theme as a sample in the image gallery that comes with it. The theme can be downloaded from the Themeforest website and has been coded by Jami Gibbs. Like all other images used in the theme as a sample, I'm given proper credit and a link back to Flickr.
This means than whenever someone downloads the theme they get my picture as well. Currently there are loads of unfinished website using this template which still features my image as a place filler in the future image gallery for their products.
Not sure yet if I should be pleased or not about this. Will this image become an iconic photograph that everybody can instantly recognize and go "oh yeah, the two feet in bath tub shot". If that's the case I like the idea but like all iconic images no one really remembers who the author was.

"Two Feet of Water" - Emanuela Franchini