I’m about to review my list of clients and add a few I wasn’t even aware of.

Just by doing a search on the internet using some tools like Google Images and TinEye, I’ve come across some of my images being used by various companies and businesses. This is very flattering but it would have been more rewarding to be asked and ideally paid for the use.

So far I can list as new clients The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Fathom Creative Group and a Belgian band named Mans Ruin.

Below is a quick overview of the amazing work I managed to deliver for my new clients.

ABC - The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Image used: Music Therapy


Fathom – A Creative Group

Image used: Two Feet of Water


22/02/2012 UPDATE:

Just found out that the guys at the Fathom Creative Group have now credited me on the picture by adding “photo by emanuela franchini”. I wonder what made them change their mind…??

Mans Ruin – Belgian band
Image used: Cheap 70’s Porn


The fact that I haven’t been paid for the work delivered to these clients is irrelevant, right?

It’s worth mentioning that I have applied a Creative Commons license to some of my images, Music Therapy and Two Feet of Water among them. This means that I’m happy for people to use those images but under specific conditions which are those stated in the license.

The License allows people to use my images under the following conditions:

AttributionYou must give the original author credit (I’ve looked but sorry, I can’t see my name anywhere…).

Non-Commercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes (it’s fine on a personal blog but certainly not a broadcasting corporation or a branding/design agency website).


No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work (unfortunately I can see some wild cropping on my images).


For reference, this is the Creative Commons license I’m using:


And I have to say that I’m quite happy to once again have one of my images associated with music. I’m a little puzzled though to see Mans Ruin steal, sorry, I mean use for their mini EP cover the same pictures that has already been used with my consent by The Strokes on their website. It’s worth pointing out that the picture in question, Cheap 70’s Porn, does not have a Creative Commons licence.

So these are my recently acquired clients. I’ll keep running searches periodically in the hope that one day I’ll be able to list Sony or Apple as my clients.

16 November 2011